Instant-Sell Feature

Instant-Sell Feature

What is the Instant-Sell feature?

The Instant-Sell feature enables you to buy and sell items instantly using Operation Points (OP). You will receive OP in exchange for any that item you Instant Sell, which you can spend immediately on any other item(s) listed on OPSkins™.

What can I buy with Operation Points?

Any item listed on OPSkins™ can be purchased using your OP, as well as any subscription. Funds will always be taken from your OP balance first and if you don't have enough OP to buy an item or subscription, the cost will be taken from your OPSkins Wallet Funds instead. Please note that OP is not cashoutable.

If your cart has multiple items in it during checkout your OP will be subtracted per-item until you run out, and the remainder of the checkout will proceed with OPSkins Wallet Funds. Due to technical constraints, a single item cannot be purchased using multiple currency types.

What items are eligible for Instant-Sell?

An item's eligibility is determined by a few factors. These factors are mainly the trade volume and price. If an item is rarely sold (i.e. low trade volume), it may not be eligible for Instant-Sell. If the item's price is too low, it will also not be eligible.

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