About OPSkins™ Marketplace

The world’s #1 marketplace for trading video game digital assets

OPSkins™ Marketplace is an online trading platform where traders and collectors of digital and physical products can buy, sell, and trade to anyone, anywhere. OPSkins is the first and largest marketplace of its kind, where items range from digital products like video game skins and gift cards, to physical merchandise like designer apparel, collectible sneakers, video gaming gear, electronics, and more.

The History of OPSkins

OPSkins was founded in 2015 to solve problems commonly experienced by video game players. Before our launch, buyers and sellers of in-game items would find each other through a variety of informal channels and trade peer-to-peer, leading to constant scams. OPSkins keeps both buyers and sellers safe by acting as a trusted third-party.

OPSkins has since evolved from a marketplace serving a single market into a global organization dedicated to supporting anything and everything related to trading and collectibles, for both customers and businesses.

OPSkins and the Worldwide Asset eXchange

In 2017, OPSkins launched the Worldwide Asset eXchange™ (WAX), which will be a full suite of blockchain-based tools to create the safest and most convenient way to buy, sell, and trade virtual or physical items - to anyone, anywhere in the world.

WAX ExpressTrade launched in 2018 to instant commercial success, and many more projects and services are planned for 2019 and beyond.