About OPSkins™ Marketplace

The world’s #1 marketplace for trading video game digital assets

OPSkins™ Marketplace is an online trading platform, where video gamers and digital item traders around the world buy and sell digital items using real-life money. Some online video games, including blockchain-based games, enable players to trade items to each other including skins and NFTs (also commonly referred to as: non-fungible tokens, ERC721 tokens, and Crypto Collectibles™). These items have value to traders because they’re used to either improve their game play, adorn their weaponry or characters, are treated as collectibles, or a combination of all.

In 2017, OPSkins launched the Worldwide Asset eXchange™ (WAX), a global decentralized marketplace for virtual items. In June 2018, WAX went live with their free, instant peer-to-peer trading service: WAX ExpressTrade. It achieved instant commercial success, and marks the next step in the future of the global digital item trading ecosystem by giving participants true control over their assets.

Why was OPSkins created? Before our launch in 2015, buyers and sellers of in-game items would find each other through a variety of informal channels and trade peer-to-peer with no trusted third-party, leading to constant scams. In some cases, buyers would send the seller money and never receive the item they paid for. In other cases, sellers would send the item to a buyer who would then file a chargeback with the payment processor, and the seller would lose both their item and the earnings from the “sale.” OPSkins keeps both buyers and sellers safe by acting as a trusted third-party platform that mediates the trades. Sellers trade the item to OPSkins, not the buyer. Buyers send money to their OPSkins account, not to the seller. OPSkins then releases the item to buyer and the money to the seller.

Today, OPSkins still does this, and more.. When Crypto Collectibles such as CryptoKitties exploded onto the blockchain and video gaming scenes in late 2017, OPSkins was the first to support the buying and selling of them off the blockchain. This was a major improvement over the existing on-chain transaction process, and condensed an approximately 10 step purchasing process on the blockchain down to four simple steps on OPSkins.

There are two ways buyers can transact items on OPSkins. The first is through the OPSkins marketplace, and the second is through WAX ExpressTrade. On the marketplace, a trader simply lists the item for sale and then a buyer can purchase the item. The proceeds from the sale (minus OPSkins’ commission) are immediately deposited into the seller's account, which the seller can use to purchase other items or cashout their balance to their bank account or other wallet. With WAX ExpressTrade, traders can arrange for a transaction however they wish, and then visit the Trade page to transfer their items to each other instantly and for free.

OPSkins prides itself as being a highly customizable marketplace - a go-to destination for collectors and traders to take advantage of our wide array of tools for hunting down great items at awesome prices. OPSkins offers dozens of game categories to choose from, including VGO skins. Additionally, OPSkins offers a variety of payment and cashout processors, subscriptions and upgrades, advanced search and pricing tools, APIs, and more. We also have a dedicated Customer Support team where real people assist customers 24/7/365, with response times of typically just a few minutes. (See testimonials from satisfied customers on our Trustpilot review page.)