About OPSkins

The largest and safest marketplace in the world

OPSkins Marketplace is an online trading platform, where gamers around the world buy and sell digital items using real-life money.

Online games on the Steam platform (such as CSGO, H1Z1, Dota 2, Unturned, etc.) allow players to trade weapons and other in-game items to each other. These items have value to gamers because they’re used to either improve their game play, adorn their weaponry or characters, or are treated like collectibles.

Before OPSkins.com launched in 2015, buyers and sellers of these items would find each other through a variety of channels such as Reddit and trade with one another, leading to constant scams. Buyers would send the seller money via PayPal, only to never receive their item. Sellers would send the item to a buyer who would then file a PayPal chargeback, and the seller would lose both their item and the earnings from the “sale.” OPSkins keeps both buyers and sellers safe by acting as a third-party platform. Sellers trade the item to OPSkins, not the buyer. Buyers send money to their OPSkins account, not to the seller. OPSkins then facilitates the trade by releasing the item to buyer and the money to the seller.

“How do I turn a digital item into real-life money,” you ask? It’s a simple process that can take as little as one hour: list your item for sale, automatically receive OPSkins Wallet Funds once a buyer purchases the item, then transfer the OPSkins Wallet Funds to your bank account.

Once you’ve acquired an item (in a game or by purchasing it) and created an OPSkins account, click on Sell, and follow the instructions to transfer the item from your Steam inventory to your OPSkins inventory. Detailed instructions on selling your item can be found here.

When a buyer purchases your item, they have five minutes to accept it. If they do not accept it, it goes back up for sale. If they do accept it, the proceeds from the sale are deposited immediately into your OPSkins Wallet (minus OPSkins’ commission). You can then turn your OPSkins wallet funds into real-life cash by visiting the Cashout page, which enables you to transfer the funds from your OPSkins Wallet to your PayPal account, bank account, bitcoin wallet, prepaid Visa card, etc. (fees vary depending on the method you choose). If you choose to Cashout to PayPal, you have the option to receive your funds in less than an hour by selecting our popular One-Hour Cashout feature.

Because items on OPSkins can be sold for real-life money, sellers tend to list them for lower prices than they would on the Steam Community Market. Sellers win because they receive real-life money rather than essentially store credit, and buyers win because they’re getting the same item for a lower price than they could purchase it for on Steam.

The value of in-game items is determined by the market. Some items are worth pennies, and some are worth thousands of dollars if they’re rare, or a souvenir item from a tournament, or have been used less in the game and therefore have a lower “wear” on them.

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