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The New CS:GO Glove Case on OPSkins

Tuesday November 29th by Arturo

Called it. Back in January of this year we wrote a post about a small graphics update for the textures of the arms and gloves for…

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OPSkins Site Update: New Buy API

Wednesday November 23rd by Arturo

We’re introducing the new Buy API, now available for developers who want to buy items easily and on a large scale. It also blocks bots that try to…

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OPSkins Insanity Giveaway: The Contenders

Friday November 18th by Arturo

Last month we announced THE OPSKINS INSANITY GIVEAWAY and the entries have begun rolling in, and they’re listed below. Want to win a $10,000 CyberPowerPC Gaming System? The…

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OPSkins Insanity Giveaway
Voting for the OPSkins Insanity Giveaway has begun! Users with an existing OPSkins account can vote (not accounts made today or after). Read More ›
Introducing: OPSkins Item Database
Introducing the new Item Database! This catalog enables you to view and research current skins, including wears and patterns. Be it a Factory New, Minimal Wear, Field Tested, Battle Scarred or Well Worn skin, the database provides our users with valuable information so you can have a better idea of what skins are out there in the marketplace. Read More ›
Site Update: Good Deals Page
The Good Deals section of OPSkins launched today! Here you can find all the items on our marketplace that are worth more than $5, with a 10% discount when compared to the suggested price. Read More ›
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OPSkins Database
Good Deals Page
OPSkins does not have any official Chrome extensions or plugins. Google does not review items that people upload to the Chrome Web Store. If someone asks you to install something, they are probably trying to scam you! Read More ›

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